Living Tree Donation Program

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tree plantingThe Colleyville Living Tree Donation Program is sponsored by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. By donating a tree to this program, you can help beautify your city parks while celebrating life by planting a tree! You can plant a tree in tribute of a wedding, birth of a child, anniversary, or to honor the memory of a loved one.

How to Donate a Tree

You may donate money towards the purchase of a special tree(s), and select your park of choice. The parks staff will arrange the planting and marking of the tree along with all future tree maintenance. Family and friends are welcome to have a ceremony after the tree is planted.

Staff will work with you regarding the type of tree and the tree location within the park of your choice. After your tree is planted, the Parks Department will maintain your tree. However, please remember a tree is a living organism and can develop a disease and is exposed to the weather elements and vandalism. If you notice the weather elements or vandals have damaged your Living Tree, please contact the Parks Department immediately. We will take corrective measures as soon as possible. If the tree develops a disease or is damaged it may be necessary to replace the tree.

With a donation of $350 you will receive a tree and an engraved paver which will be installed at the base of your tree. Verbiage for your marker should be included in writing and cannot exceed 3 lines with 15 letters per line.

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For further information regarding this program, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 817.503.1180.